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Curated is a mobile app built to make the process of finding and reading developer articles seamless, it curates all articles under categories which you can customize to receieve relevant articles only. The main focus during the development of this app was to ensure that the UI and UX is as optimal as possible. The articles are crowdsourced either by emailing the address provided in the app or by mentioning @curatedfyi on Twitter with an article you think is worth checking out. The article will be reviewed and will be approved/disapproved accordingly. Note that there is a limit of 3 articles a day to ensure top quality and to enhance the UX of the app by not bombarding users with notifications.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using Curated. The Twitter account (@curatedfyi) will tweet the articles 3 days after they have been released on the app. This means that people who use the app will receieve relevant articles faster than those who choose to follow the Twitter account. Also, the app is in Beta meaning that you should expect to experience bugs from time to time (rather frequently), so do not hesitate to use the contact form below to report those bugs.


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